How Technology Advances are Making a Huge Difference in Small-Footprint Surgical Suites

One of the byproducts of COVID-19 taxing hospital systems that is often not addressed is the fact that in-office surgical settings have grown in need – and popularity – during the past year. While this trend was already in motion, the quick spread of a global pandemic certainly accelerated the trend of turning to our own physicians in hopes that they could perform in-office procedures. 

The benefits are two-fold. First, by forgoing the hospital or ambulatory surgical setting for that of your own physician’s office, patients are obviously coming into far less contact with the virus and its potential carriers. Far fewer people pass through your physician’s office than a hospital, ensuring that the setting is easier to control and keep sanitized. Second, by opting for surgical procedures in-office versus in a hospital or ambulatory surgical center, costs are significantly reduced as overhead is much lower. 

As stated in previous posts, Avant Concierge Urology was founded to bring cutting-edge urologic care to patients in a setting that caters to individualized attention and cost efficiencies.   

Among the many cutting-edge offerings at Avant Concierge Urology, the clinic is the first in the U.S. to bring the KARL STORZ Endoscopy VITOM® exoscopic camera system to a stand-alone urology clinic and surgery center. The VITOM replaces a traditional microscope, allowing the Avant medical team to use a 3-D magnified 4K image to see essential details as they perform a procedure.

In the following video, Avant Medical Director Dr. Sijo Parekattil walks us through just how the KARL STORZ VITOM system works, and why it’s ideal for in-office procedures in patient suites where space is at a premium. 

To learn more about Avant Concierge Urology or to schedule an appointment to check out the VITOM system yourself, visit or call 407-547-1654.


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