Avant Offers Nitrouseal®, a Safe and Effective Nitrous Oxide Sedation System

Avant Concierge Urology is pleased to be able to provide patients with inhaled nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation using the Nitrouseal® nitrous delivery system when they undergo procedures during an office visit. The Nitrouseal system was developed by an anesthesiologist specifically for in-office procedures and has several distinct advantages for both patients and healthcare providers.

The Nitrouseal® nitrous delivery system is touted as the premium and only nitrous analgesia system with waste nitrous scavenging. What does this mean for patients? Highly recommended by the CDC, NIOSH, and OSHA, using a nitrous scavenger minimizes exhaled nitrous, thus immensely increasing the safety of performing procedures in an office setting while administering nitrous. Sedation Systems LLC – the proprietors of the Nitrouseal system – is proud to offer the only FDA-cleared scavenging unit available.

The benefits of using the Nitrouseal system are varied, but include:

  • Enabling more procedures to be done in-office;
  • Makes patients more comfortable during procedures, yielding better results;
  • Opioid-free analgesia;
  • Rapid onset and offset patients can drive themselves home;
  • 100% oxygen at the end of procedure for added safety;
  • Avoids overdosing; 
  • Also avoids having to monitor patients for extended periods after procedures;
  • Minimizes the risks of chronic nitrous exposure.

Nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation using the Nitrouseal nitrous delivery system now is a patient option at Avant Concierge Urology for each of the following procedures:

  • Urolifts
  • Prostate biopsies
  • Bladder biopsies
  • Vasectomies
  • Botox bladder injections
  • Rezūm™ Water Vapor Therapy
  • SpaceOar
  • Fusion biopsies
  • Stent removals
  • Hydrodynamics

To learn more about Avant Concierge Urology or to inquire about using the Nitrouseal® nitrous delivery system during your next in-office procedure, call +1- 407-547-1654 or fill out the Contact Us form on the Avant website.