Circumcision Later in Life

It can be embarrassing for men who were not circumcised as babies to find themselves dealing with the uncomfortable effects of a condition called phimosis, a tightening of the foreskin that can occur in between 2 and 6 percent* of all uncircumcised men. 

With phimosis, the foreskin starts to tighten in a ring fashion thus making it hard for the foreskin to retract behind the head of the penis. Among other effects, such as the increased potential for infection, this can make having intercourse painful.

Fortunately, phimosis and other conditions that can be aided by a circumcision, can now be conveniently and comfortably performed in an office setting under light IV sedation. 

Avant Concierge Urology provides this minimally invasive option to help treat men with this condition in a discreet fashion, allowing them to return to full function in a matter of weeks.

To learn more about circumcision and other minimally invasive, effective treatment options that can be performed in the office with little to no downtime, contact Avant Concierge Urology today at 407-547-1654.

*Source: Studying the Prevalence of Phimosis in Males of All Ages: Systematic Review

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