Vasectomy Reversals

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Within the first three years of having a vasectomy, a vasectomy reversal generally restores sperm to the semen in 97+% of cases. And even when the time period between vasectomy and a vasectomy reversal is 15+ years, sperm recovery rates generally remain around 70%!

A vasectomy reversal is a highly technical procedure in which blocked ends of the vas deferens (following a vasectomy, of course) are cut open and microsurgically reconnected. To dive a little deeper, after a vasectomy, there are sperm still made by the testes; however, since the vas deferens tubes have been blocked, the sperm is unable to exit in the traditional way.

To further illustrate, on each side, sperm can still enter the epididymis as well as the lowermost portion of the vas tube upstream from the obstruction imposed by the vasectomy. After a vasectomy, the very fine tubes of the epididymis can become obstructed due to scarring of the epididymis or increased pressure from the vasectomy site that results in sperm leakage and eventual blockage of the epididymis.

At Avant Concierge Urology – the first and only office-based microsurgical center in the United States – vasectomy reversals are offered within our medical office building, which allows our team to more cost-effectively perform the surgery with little downtime for patients. In fact, for a vasectomy reversal using intravenous sedation, Avant Concierge Urology offers a worry-free, fixed-price rate of only $5,500 for a vasectomy reversal.

What to Expect with a Vasectomy Reversal

When a patient comes to Avant Concierge Urology for a vasectomy reversal, he can expect to spend approximately 3 hours at our office. Continuity of both vas tubes can be restored through a very small incision. 

Avant utilizes best-in-class high-definition magnification not available in other urology office settings. The medical team at Avant also uses the Erbe VIO® 3 cauterization device as well as other custom-made microsurgical instruments to minimize bleeding and damage to tissue. A small, soft drain that is covered with gauze is traditionally removed in the office the next day, and the small incision will seal by itself within another couple of days. 

Patients who undergo a vasectomy reversal can generally expect to be able to return to completing non-strenuous work within 4 – 5 days, but it is suggested that they avoid all sports and lifting activities of more than 20 pounds for an additional two weeks. 

More detailed instructions for before and after the vasectomy reversal will be provided by your Avant medical team.

Why Choose Avant for Your Vasectomy Reversal?

When you’ve made the decision to move forward with a vasectomy reversal, you want a surgeon who is known around the globe as an industry leader. Long considered an expert in microsurgical urology procedures, Dr. Sijo J. Parekattil has vast experience in the field of male infertility. Having personally performed well over a thousand of vasectomy reversals throughout his career, Dr. Parekattil uses cutting-edge microsurgical techniques to perform reversals, which result in less downtime and a more comfortable experience. 

Dr. Parekattil is one of the founding Board members of the Robotic Assisted Microsurgical & Endoscopic Society (RAMSES). In addition, he holds active membership in the American Society of Andrology, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the American Urologic Association, and the Society for the Study of Male Reproduction. He also serves on the Executive Board for the Florida Urological Society.

Lastly, because Avant Concierge Urology is the first and only office-based microsurgical center in the United States, we are able to perform best-in-class surgical procedures at a lower cost to our patients. 

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