Tissue Sparing Prostate Ablation (TSPA)

Introducing the ultimate technology in precision medicine for prostate focal therapy, now offered exclusively at Avant Concierge Urology.

Using this therapy, the team at Avant can perform a specialized procedure, known as a Tissue Sparing Prostate Ablation, or TSPA. TSPA technology can precisely treat specific zones in the prostate without affecting surrounding tissues.

  • Prediction: A unique focal therapy modality whereby prostate cancer is treated by a urologist in a predictive manner.
  • Protection: TSPA technology uses an FDA-cleared device and has been developed with the specific goal of treating prostate cancer while protecting surrounding tissue.
  • Precision: TSPA has the ability to destroy prostate cancer lesions with high precision, thus creating virtually no adverse side effects.

What is Focal Therapy?

  • Focal therapy is a general term for a variety of non-invasive techniques for destroying tumor cells inside the prostate while leaving the remaining gland intact and avoiding adverse side-effects associated with classic treatments.
  • The main goal of focal therapy is eradicating tumors within the prostate and avoiding damage to sensitive surrounding tissues, thus preserving patients’ quality of life (Focal Therapy is not a standard of care and is still considered as experimental).
  • Focal therapy can be a good option for younger patients, patients with less aggressive types of cancer, and to those unable or unwilling to undergo surgery or radiotherapy. (Focal therapy is not for every patient and only a urologist can determine if a patient is a good candidate.)

How does TSPA work?

  • TSPA uses a scientific physics principle called a “Faraday cage effect.” A Faraday cage, sometimes known as Faraday shield, is an enclosure that is used to shield things from electromagnetic fields.
  • TSPA is the only 100% predictable treatment, as only prostate tissue within the limits of a coiled electrode is destroyed with a precision better than 1 mm.
  • The science behind TSPA technology allows for a quick return to normal life in a few days.

Advantages of TSPA

  • Fast recovery and patients go back to normal life in a few days.
  • No need for a catheter after the procedure in most cases.
  • It’s a short outpatient procedure. No incisions and no hospital stay.
  • Studies have shown excellent cancer control and no erectile dysfunction or urinary incontinence.

Why Should You Consider TSPA as a Potential Treatment Course?

TSPA is the only technology specifically designed to perform prostate focal therapy. TSPA has been conceived to completely destroy any size of tumor within the prostate with a precision better than 1 mm (as demonstrated in human clinical trials), thus preserving surrounding tissues and avoiding adverse side effects commonly seen in other treatment modalities.

Of course, as with any medical diagnosis, a patient will want to confer with a physician to determine a potential cause and recommended course of action.

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