Testicular or Groin Pain

Testicular or Groin Pain

While pain in the testicle or groin region is often swept under the rug, it can be debilitating and should be addressed as soon as possible. Sometimes, the cause of the pain is simply a minor injury to the testicles or groin region, but there are also times when the pain is rooted in an area outside the testicles, such as in situations like hernias and kidney stones. Testicular pain may result from an injury, from a previous surgery, or from an infection. In many instances, there are easy treatments and therapies to quickly eliminate the source of the pain, but there are also times when a more thorough analysis and approach will be required.

Common symptoms include:

·   Painful urination

·   Testicle pain and tenderness

·   Frequent need to urinate

·   A lump on the testicle

·   Discharge from the penis

·   A red, warm, or swollen scrotum

·   Painful intercourse or ejaculation

·   Blood in the semen

Some common causes of testicular / groin pain include:

·   Diabetic neuropathy: damage to the nerves caused by diabetes.

·   Prostatitis: infection of the prostate.

·   Epididymitis: bacterial infection causing inflammation of the epididymis, which stores and carries sperm. A variety of factors can be the source of this inflammation, including a viral illness somewhere else in the body, urinary infection, minor physical trauma, or even a reaction to medication.

·   Hernia: abdominal wall weakening with inguinal region bulge

·   Torsion: a twist of the cord, cutting off some of the blood supply to the testes

·   Scrotal mass: a lump located in the scrotum

·   Varicocele: enlarged scrotal veins

·   Orchitis: Inflammation of one or both testicles. Bacterial infection is the most frequently cause of orchitis, and in some cases, sexually transmitted infections are the cause.

·   Cancer: abnormal cells are growing in the testes (less common than other causes of testicular pain)

Treating Testicular / Groin Pain

Men who experience ongoing pain, swelling or a hard lump in the testicles or groin should see a physician. Depending on the underlying cause of the pain, there are a wide range of treatment options to look into. Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of treating the inflammation in order to rid a patient of testicular or groin pain. In such instances, providing scrotal support with athletic supporter or brief-style underwear, taking anti-inflammatory over-the-counter medications, or even just soaking in a warm bath for a few minutes daily can provide pain relief.  In other cases, antibiotics will be required to rid the body of an infection. And yet, in still other instances, pain can be persistent so it will be necessary to devise a plan for pain management that will help until symptoms subside. In any case, trust the amazing medical team at Avant to find the best course of action to treat your testicular or groin pain.