Avant Concierge Urology Was Founded with the Patient In Mind

There’s still something to be said for pursuing the American Dream. While owning his own urology practice may have seemed like a distant reality growing up in Zambia, Dr. Sijo Parekattil, Medical Director and Founder of Avant Concierge Urology, worked incredibly hard to make it to where he is today.

At the epicenter of his dream is the ability to bring his expertise to patients in a way that is both cost-effective and efficient, affording patients access to world-class healthcare in a setting that is approachable and puts the needs of the patient first in each and every interaction. 

Previous blog posts have underscored Avant Concierge Urology’s mission to bring cutting-edge urologic care to patients in a setting that caters to individualized attention and cost efficiencies.   

The following video gives some insights into why Dr. Parekattil recently opened Avant Concierge Urology, and how Avant is approaching patient care differently than other urology practices. 

To learn more about Avant Concierge Urology or to schedule an appointment to experience the difference in patient approach for yourself, visit avanturol.com/contact-us or call 407-547-1654.

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